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Technology platform.

An all in one dencentralized platform for running any of your business idea ranging from online store, product marketplace, services marketplace, localized services, and everything else you want to build.

smartphone cloud
Power of Blockchain

Our platform is harnessing the power of blockchain and putting the control back in the hands of users. There is no centralized authority. You run the platform, you own the data and you get all the profits.

smartphone cloud
Feature rich

We are putting in all the features into a single platform, so that you don't need to depend on other solution to run your business. Just signup and get started.


Use Case-1

Auto Services Marketplace

The Problem:Most of the auto mechanic service businesses are not franchised, and run using antiquated software systems. Independent merchants struggle to optimize their bookings and appointment scheduling, fall short in providing clear communication to their customers, and fail to differentiate themselves from competitors.

The Solution: Platx has built a platform, with a B2C business model equivalent to AirBnB and Expedia for multi-billion dollar auto-services market. It provides independent merchants with a free-to-use cloud platform that allows them to streamline their appointment scheduling, order management, customer communication, promotional and revenue collection practices.
Vehicle owners benefit from a smart-phone app that offers pricing transparency, an easy to use communications interface, online payments, reviews & ratings, and integrated features like pickup and drop off services.

Computer services Marketplace

Use Case-2

Marketplace for computer & cellphone services

Computers and cellphones are being used by every household and repairing and maintenance is a common service. There are large number of individuals or a group of freelancers in a locality who provide best services.
Having computer or mobile phone issues is now a common problem at household. The most common of those issues are Virus/Spyware Clean-Up, System Tune-Up, Data Back-Up Software & Hardware Diagnostic/Install, Damaged Laptop Power Ports,Broken Screens and much more. It always difficult to find a reliable technician who is skilled, professional and do the job well.

Platx is building a marketplace so that anyone in the computer services business can start providing their localized services online. They do not need to have a technical knowhow of software development, but can directly use our platform and harness the power of blockchain to run their business.

Use Case-3

Driving Instructor Marketplace

The Problem: Whether you're a teen driver, an adult ready to get your first drivers license, picking the right driver’s training program is nothing to scoff at. Learning how to drive properly and safely takes time and practice, therefore finding the best course and driving school should be of the utmost of importance. Unfortunately, the process is really cumbersome.

The Solution: Platx is building a decentralized marketplace platform, where anyone can run their own driving tutor service in their locality. Its a localized services and the data of all the driving schools and insturctors is consolidated on a single platform.
The details like reviews & ratings, experience of instructors, history & background check etc is stored on blockchain which make the verification and sorting process very easy and quick.
Fitness trainer marketplace

Use Case-4

Health, Beauty and Fitness Marketplace

Health consciousness has grown over the past few years, with consumers becoming more aware of the effectiveness and benefits of physical activity.
Due to the rapid expansion of fitness providers, fitness enthusiasts have more options than ever before, yet there is no independent fitness marketplace that caters to the needs of fitness providers and consumers simultaneously.

Platx is an early mover in this domain too and we are building an online marketplace platform, for anyone to offer independent fitness trainers, instructors, coaches and specialists the ability to easily browse fitness facilities in local gyms and studios, compare features, and rent space to lead their own class for their clients. Our aim is to build a technology platform to organize, socialize and monetize the fitness industry. A platform that is fully decentralized, easy to use and scale, and will help anyone to create their fitness marketplace.
Multivendor shopping website

Use Case-5

Multivendor shopping marketplace

By putting sellers and customers in direct contact, Marketplaces mirror the very DNA of the Internet: creating value whilst reducing the chain. By emancipating themselves to a large extent from current e-commerce constraints, Marketplaces guarantee substantial gains for all players involved (operator, seller, buyer).
Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, ebay …. each one of these e-commerce giants has in recent years, launched their own Marketplace. For some, this activity already accounts for more than 40% of products sold and constitutes almost 100% of profitability!
To take this one step further, we at Platx are undertaking the mission to create a blockchain based Marketplace platform and to provide the new age businesses and entrepreneurs with flexible turnkey technical solutions to maximize the possibility of success.
Digital Goods marketplace

Use Case-6

Maketplace for Digital Goods and services

Learning to sell digital products is a great way to secure an extra income that’s dependent and reliable. Webmasters, bloggers, writers, anyone can become a digital product seller.Services like writing, marketing and design and development work are amongst the most popular between freelancers.
There are lots of options for sellers, However, many of the top marketplaces aren’t all that friendly for people trying to sell digital goods and they also charge a huge commission from sellers.

Platx has decided to decentralize this business vertical using blockchain technology. We are building a marketplace platform specifically to work with digital goods & services. Anyone who wants to build a marketplace and want to sell items such as e-books,tutorials, audio or video files, plugins, code snippets,template, art, logos, etc., can direclty start using Platx blockchain solution and build their marketplace in just few clicks.

We are building a platfofrm with all the possible features embedded into one. We do not want our customers to go out and look for different solutions for different requirementts. Look at all the features that we have currently integrated and more will be added in future.
Private Chat Integration

Send and receive encrypted messages in a simple and secure chat service to communicate.

Media Upload

User can upload photos, videos and other media, which is stored on blockchain.

Payment Gateways

Secured payment system ensures that your payment is flawlessly sent or received instantly in a reliable manner.

Catalog Management

Fully-functional decentralized marketplace to buy-sell goods and services

Order Mangement

Blockchain based solution for instant order confirmation and processing.

Appointment booking

Integrated with an easy to use appointment booking system.

Meetings & schedules

A dedicated module for scheduling meeting and calendar management.

Email server

An integrated and secured email server harnessing the power of blockchain.

Updates and Notifications

Real time communications with inbuilt notification module.

Admin Portal

A well designed backend portal to run your business efficiently.

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