Awesome Features

Below is the list of all the amazing features we are going to build in this "first of its kind" decentralized marketplace platform

Smart contracts

Peer to Peer smart contract to fulfill business obligations

Decentralized Markets

A completely decentralized platform without any supreme authority

Multisignature wallets

Strong encryption technology in place to secure the transactions

Smart contract templates

No need to be a programmer to create contract. Choose from our library

Self learning contract

Every growing library of templates powered by the community

No fees to pay

Everything is transaction in PLTX coin and with no additional fees

Flexible order system

Counter offer, bidding, negotiation on the order before execution.

Feedback and review system

Check feedback, scan successful contracts, leave comments

Start your own market

In few clicks start your marketplace on blockchain, completely anonymous

Decentralized Voting

Completely trustless voting with custom staking and smart contracts

Encrypted messages

Using advanced cryptography and your private and public keys

Price tracking

Just have a ticker and smart contracts do the rest of the work.

Choice of currency

Automatically converts the price to your preferred currency, so you don’t need a calculator

Integrated Email

Use your own email with IMAP under the hood and fully encrypted

Advanced spending

Pay with the coin of your choice with multi-pay options