Platx coin [PLTX]

Platx token is planned to be the only means of exchange for handling all types of rewards and one of the means of payment within the Platx ecosystem. We plan to use PLTX token as a centrally accepted payment method in all the partner services, websites, marketplaces and projects build on Platx platform.

Exchange: Waves Decentralized exchange
Payment methods: BTC, WAVES, ETH, BCASH, USD,EUR
Coin Name: Platx
Coin Symbol: PLTX
Token exchange rate (USD): 1 PLTX = $0.15
Token exchange rate (WAVES): 10 WAVES = 400 PLTX
Token exchange rate (WAVES): 100 WAVES = 5,000 PLTX
Total token supply (max): 1,000,000,000
Total available supply 700,000,000

June 01 to 30,2018 Private-Sale
(20% discount)

Investors Sale completed (no ICO)

Platx was created by Internet and e-commerce experts since 2007, upholders of the power of Marketplaces and of their key role in the rapid development of a profitable, online sales activity.

Platx will build and offer a total Marketplace platform on blockchain technology, Platx Marketplace Platform©, distributed in the form of software as a service (SaaS) and provides clients with strategy planning, technical and operational support.

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Why a Marketplace?

A Marketplace enables a strong brand, a qualified audience or professional know-how to be capitalized upon, bringing together third party sellers’ product ranges on a single platform with a view to offering visitors more products, the best prices and a quality buying experience. A Marketplace enables cost pooling between sellers and buyers and eliminates stock and logistical constraints. Marketplaces are the solution to e-commerce growth issues and pure player or cross-channel profitability.

Through a marketplace, buy/sell goods and services online using a simple, secure and affortable web app. Sign or approve Order Documents documents in a simple, secure and legally binding PROCESS , with BLOCKCHAIN API

How We Do It?

The PLATX ecosystem will become the first global decentralized marketplace where consumers can buy products directly from sellers, enjoy low transparent prices for a wide range of high quality products, and save on direct promotions

Innovation %
Hard Work %
Adoption %

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Token Sale Schedule

We are not doing an ICO for various reason. Primarily becuase its time consuming, lengthy, complex and full of scammers.Instead we are doing a investors sale and private sale, followed by listing on exchange.

  • Early backers sale
    Token sale for the early backers of the project
    pre-sale [Complete]
    01-Mar-2018 10-Mar-2018
  • Investors sale
    Token sale for the early adopters and big investors of the project
    pre-sale [Complete]
    20-Mar-2018 30-Mar-2018
  • Private sale
    Token sale for the normal investors with 20% discount
    pre-sale [To begin]
    01-Jun-2018 20-Jun-2018
  • Token distribution
    Token distribution for all private sale investors
    Distribution [To begin]
    21-Jun-2018 30-Jun-2018
  • Exchange Listing
    Token listing for trading
    Listing [To begin]


We have come a long way from being just an idea on a paper to a fully working product.


Idea generation


Market research and team formation.


Technical architecture design


Development begins


First POC completed


Core development start and ICO planning


ICO plan, smart contract generation and launch


Fund raising, token distribution and ICO END


MVP development for all modules.


MVP going live on Testnet.


Building production ready modules


Beta testing of complete platform and Marketing begins


First version of platform goes live on Main Net


Aggresive marketing for corporate tieups and developing userbase


Open source the project for developer community


Continued development of various features and promotion of the platform

Funds Utilization

Our roadmap assumes development of all features for the PLATX platform and feature-rich apps and interfaces for all ecosystem participants, as well as a strong sales and marketing support to accelerate adoption by sellers and consumers.

Research & Development

costs cover all R&D expenses, including design and development of smart contracts, cryptographic mechanisms, the PLATX platform, apps and interfaces, SDK, etc. Includes opening of an R&D center with approximately 35 engineers.

Admin & Operations

costs include salaries of all PLATX employees excluding the R&D team.

Marketing & Sales

budget will be allocated on acquisition of both manufacturers and consumers.


costs include all legal expenses associated with expansion of the PLATX ecosystem in different countries.


fund is calculated as 5% of the total budget.

Frequently asked questions

We want you to know exactly what steps you need to take to participate in the Platx Public sale event which starts Friday June 01 at 12.00 UTC.
What follows is a step-by-step guide, so please take time to read it to be certain you are prepared.

Getting Ready for the Public sale

1. Create a waves account and wallet.
This will be where you will be sending your WAVES contributions from – and you need to have a wallet that you control the private keys for. PLTX Tokens will also be sent back to the same wallet address after the public sale is completed.

This is very important, please be careful! Your wallet should be on WAVES platform and NOT ERC-20 like MyEtherWallet or any other Exchange wallets.

DO NOT USE EXCHANGE ADDRESSES (Kraken, Bittrex, Coinbase, Binance, HitBTC, Poloniex, Cryptopia etc). Your funds will be lost.

2. Ensure that your wallet has sufficient WAVES for your contribution.
BTC and WAVES is the only currency accepted for now and you will not want to waste time topping up on the day. Participating in the Public sale there is NO per wallet cap. Please follow these steps on the day:

- Sign in to your account on

- Take note of the locked exchange rate in WAVES.

Ensure you send a minimum of 100 WAVES or higher. Any less amount and the trasaction will be cancelled, but the WAVES will be refunded only after the completion of sale, which may take upto 60 days. So, be very very careful in sending the WAVES.

- Note: payments will only be possible as long as the number of tokens requested is still available, after which further payments will be rejected.